6 Things Make Marriage Look Like Heaven On Earth


happyfamily There are many ways you can make marriage look like heaven on earth. God instituted marriage and he {God } blessed the institution.

However,this is the question people asked everyday why do we see broken home?. Marriage has rules that guide it so if you carefully follow the rules you see happiness instead of broken home. Here we are going to look at the rules that increase happiness in the family.

Understanding: This is the most important character that generates love and unity in the family or marriage setup. Take time to study your spouse or your husband since both of you were not brought up in the same parents. Although, it takes time to get this done that is, more time you stay together would help you to understand what your spouse or your husband like or not. This can be done through during courtship knowing what you like.

Love: is another capital symbol that empowers marriage union, without this the home is    in fire, though, there are degree of love that sustain

Union that last long and that is true love from the heart love. This kind of love comes from heart which is called heartfelt love your spouse and your husband. Love is a force of nature for other. It has no negative feeling, no doubt, no fear and bias in anyway or any form. True love does not base on sexual feeling only in the marriage. True is very strong and it cannot break .Then, there is carnal love which is emotional feeling. This kind of love is very where. It is kick and leave ,it only desire to get something from you .Many union settle on this kind of love, they love a man or woman because is so beautiful or handsome,money,properties, popularity etc.Lastly,true love will never think of divorce or any negative thing against one another.

Patient and Endurance: is another key that keeps a union in good condition.  Every union must promote these attribute in marriage. Have patient with one another and be ready to endurance pains especially when your spouse or husband hurt you. No union will go through this world without hurting another person. It is a “Must”.

Forgiveness: is the evidence of true love, any union or nature that fails to forgive May likely end up being frustrated .It is the right key to endless happiness and prosperity in any family. Our human nature requires this virtue if we really desire to live a happy life with others.

 God First In your Marriage: Putting God first will turn your marriage into a sweet home because he has every tool to make your home unique; he is the source of life and peace. With God all things are possible that is why you must put God first in your marriage setup. Allow God to reign in your family and it shall be well with you in all things you put your hand to do. Any union that takes God serious will never suffer defeat.

Prayer:  should be your engine room where you take every bit of issue to God in prayer .it is ultimate instrument that you cannot ignore in your life..if you don’t know Jesus as a key to every solution then you better do so now before it is too late. It is obvious that your salvation will put empower your relationship with God through Christ our lord and savior.