Christian Lifestyle


Christian Lifestyle is a good example of how we can use our creativity for Christ. This installation of an erupting mountain, glittery blue waterfall, butterflies, and multi colored tissue flowers was contructed for a children’s back to school event at our church. The theme for this event was prayer – teaching the children how to pray – and therefore the decorations were heavily based around nature. The materials used for this art installation were: two rolls of brown packing paper, multi colored tissue paper, blue/green plastic table cloths from dollar store, a couple of rolls of packing tape, 1 pack of foam butterfly cutouts. The flowers and butterflies we used can be saved for future events.  For this event called Children’s Joy Fest we had multiple activity stations set up in the Family Life Center. This installation anchored the theme, provided a beautiful photo opportunity and delighted the children’s imagination with its vibrant colors, flowers, and butterflies.

In every church we need to add beauty to every event using someone’s creative ability, whether it’s beautifully decorating a prayer request box, an attractive sign-in table,decorating a lobby etc. Creativity brings beauty and  joy to our human experience. It speaks to our hearts, and inspires positive imagination in adults as well as children. I want to encourage you to make art part of your relationship with God, our Creative Creator.